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There are many issues facing District 1 as well as concerns to be addressed.  See longer detail on the News page for posts from the Issues series

"The Rise" - Is not an issue

Development of the Sears property is off the City Council table and is not the singular issue in District One

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Representatives must take a leadership role which begins with informing constituents and listening. It also means providing leadership, information and perspective to other council members. Representatives must not only listen to their constituents but also vote in alignment with the vocalized position and not against those they represent.

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Parks & Recreation

The parks in District 1 must be considered. Three parks have no parking or easy access and some serious infrastructure & repair needs.

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We must ensure that we think proactively about land use opportunities in alignment with not only current but future needs.

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Change & Opportunity

We must evaluate opportunities and challenges in growth with the understanding that it will happen. We have an obligation to apply future state thinking and not the restraint of the past.

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The Denial of Voter Intelligence

Crowd sourcing our community is a great way to leverage the expertise of Tucker and a wonderful avenue to engage our residents in building our city.

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Integrity is an Issue

Holding public office requires honesty, honor and retaining moral principles.  (Read More)


Uniting and moving forward.  (Read More)

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