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Change & Opportunity

Our system of government was built on the concept that change brings new ideas, fresh perspective and different experiences. In Tucker, change is built into our system too. Each of our council people have 2 terms as the limit and the mayor three. Since our city is new the first terms for the mayor and all post one positions are short terms to make sure that there is a staggering of terms. 

There is a lot that has been done to establish our city through the work of our current council members and mayor and they should be recognized for those efforts. Yes, they have created good working relationships and accomplishments. There is also a certain comfort level and mutual objectives. The train is on the track but are there other tracks that are viable and should be considered? Could the comfort level of the current group in working together be a blinder and deny or never consider options? Does the current group listen more to each other than necessarily the voters of the city or each of the three districts?

Change is the constant we can expect and we need to embrace change as a positive part of momentum. We cannot let fear of change stop us. There is an issue in change with some of the current council members who want the council make-up to stay the same. The vocalizations suggest a concern that an agenda currently in place many not continue or at least not without questions and new perspective.

Change can be excellent fuel to perspective and ideas as well as enriching the council with information, talent and experience. While change will always require work, strong communications, open mindedness and is not always comfortable, it is necessary and important.

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