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One of the beautiful things about our system of government is as Abraham Lincoln declared and defended, “Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.” Our representative government is designed to allow us (the people) to have a voice in our governance as a duty of the elected official.

In order for the voice of the people to be represented and heard, there must be communication and interaction. The challenges, opportunities and factors that should be weighed in decisions should be discussed in forums written and spoken where there can be an interchange and questions. An informed and engaged electorate brings support and perspective as well as often expertise found in the people represented.

Yes, we are a new city with all council people and the mayor being new to the job. There is a lot to learn and will continue to be. We know it will take time with some tough decisions to be made. We do not expect that the people that we elect will be experts in every subject that they will be asked to address. We appreciate the research they do and the time they put in but without sharing of information, seeking from the constituency perspective and communication, the decision becomes their own and is no longer representative. 

Let’s not let representative governance fail in our district or in the City of Tucker.

Friends of Pat Soltys
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