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Today is Election Day. We are near the end of the campaign which has been a journey and a learning experience. Most importantly it has been a time to meet people, hear their concerns and earn support. No candidate in any race is perfect or without mistakes and that is certainly true for me as well. What is important is that we grow through all experiences and become a better person.

As we wrap up things today, I am ready for whatever tomorrow brings. No matter who wins, we remain a part of our community and have an obligation to make sure that any action, words and deeds are positive, uniting and forward moving. Public service, whether elected or volunteer, requires that the community and the needs of the community are put first. There is no pedestal for the winner and no shame for anyone else.

It will be a show of strength to reach out to those who opposed us with a servant’s heart and an open ear to unite the community. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities I will face tomorrow as we all move forward.

Friends of Pat Soltys
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