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Issue # 4 Connectivity is an Issue

#4 – Connectivity –is an Issue

Most of the District One is east of the industrial corridor and south of 78. District 1 for the most part, is not a part of what most people historically thought of as Tucker and in many ways still is not. We must create a connected community which not only serves but draws with commercial, arts and living options. Connectivity is needed to make the city of Tucker one with valuable attributes at each point.

When many people talk about District 1, it is often synonymous with Smoke Rise. Understandable as the Smoke Rise area of Tucker is a large geographic area with recognizable borders defined by a highway, county line and the Industrial Corridor. But there is a lot more to District 1 other than Smoke Rise and the industrial corridor. Most of our 11,000 plus residents do not live in Smoke Rise.

The current Tucker Comprehensive Plan Draft is online.

Connectivity is used in the plan on a number on at least seven pages with little in terms of detail or objectives. On page 11 - “Increasing connectivity means remaking the transportation corridor consisting of Lawrenceville Highway and Hugh Howell Road into a visually attractive and inviting transportation spine that better joins neighborhoods with downtown." The most significant description for the Hugh Howell area of District 1 is found on page 43.

The comprehensive plan draft fails to address most of District 1 except in very broad brush generalities. There is no consideration for commercial amenities such as restaurants and retail centers other than what currently exists on Hugh Howell between Mountain Industrial and Lawrenceville Highway. It retains the industrial zone intact even though it also states that many of the buildings are functionally obsolete. There is a strong industrial area with the most vibrant being businesses south of 78 and in Royal Atlanta. The areas between 78 and Royal Atlanta have some vibrancy but there are a lot more of the dysfunctional and underused buildings in this area.

Since that part of the industrial corridor is ripe for redevelopment, it would seem that consideration could be made for different use of especially the parcels at the intersection of Mountain Industrial and Hugh Howell. This would be a great step toward connectivity even though it would not solve the entire issue.

It is difficult to understand the argument that rezoning that small part would threaten the corridor retaining industrial vibrancy. Connectivity is an issue that must be addressed to bring Tucker together. It is the continuity of the city with commercial and living centers that are a continuation of the core city. Connectivity is more than bike paths and sidewalks or enhanced traffic corridors.

Note – District One is the only district with three zip codes (30084, 30083 and 30087), a designated postal code – Smoke Rise, GA 30087 and legal addresses in Tucker and Stone Mountain. Our district is also identified differently in terms of the schools with students split between the Tucker and Stone Mountain Clusters. We may call ourselves Tucker but that is about as far as we can go.

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