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"The Rise" is not the Issue

This is the first in a series of posts about the issues that are of concern to District 1.

What are the issues in District 1? There are many issues that should be a part of the discussions and considerations when choosing the candidate you will vote to represent you on the Tucker City Council. There are suggestions in the media and social media that this is all about the vote against The Rise. It is far more than that. That vote is over and everyone is moving on.

Yes, there are still many questions that are unanswered, distorted information and in some cases faulty logic. Let’s set the record straight and make sure that this is no longer considered the singular issue in District One.

1. The developer Macauley has a date to close on the property.
2. He will develop the property “By Right.”
3. As the county is mandating holding tanks for all developments, it will have holding tanks.
4. If the developer chooses, he can reapply for changes to the comprehensive plan and zoning in six months.
5. The initial set of plans for the development of the Rise have been drawn and require no approval by Council.
6. “By Right” development means that there are no mandated conditions or infrastructure improvements required of the developer at developer cost.

Hence, The Rise is not the issue of the campaign nor is there only one issue. Let’s move on to the real issues. Tomorrow, we will start with the first real issue – Representation.

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